Saturday, June 23, 2012


This weekend,I had a chance to go to a scrapbooking weekend at my church and instead of scrapbooking,I decided to make some cards.A couple of them I scraplifted the ideas and a couple I came up with, but I had lots of fun making them all!
 I especially had fun chatting and catching up with friends I don't get to see alot. :)
Here are the finished products.

I'm so thankful to spend time with good friends!!

Thanks for peekin'.....

Stamp Set Holder

I had so much fun making this stamp set holder. I want to make sure to say that I did NOT come up wit this idea and I wish I could remember the website that I found it on. I find alot of fun ideas on Pinterest so I'm almost positive I found it there.

I started with this paper towel holder that I was using in my craft room. (Sorry Mr. Paper Towel roll, I'll have to find you a new home.)

I painted the whole thing pink. ( It took me 3 coats of paint to cover the green.) And then I added a coat of Mod Podge to make her shine! I added a lamp shade rim that I found at the Goodwill for $1.99. I had the small clips that I had picked up at the Goodwill before and just had them in my stash. I think they were like $2.00 a pack.

I added stamps from my two favorite Blogs...My Pink Stamper and My Creative Time and WAHLA ! stamps!

This is a top view. :)
I'm very excited to have this and I love it so much more since I made it myself !!

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Easter Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Most families celebrate the Easter holiday by coloring eggs lots of fun and creative  ways. This year Kelsie wanted to do something a little different...she wanted to decorate chocolate covered pretzels! I thought why not?
Kelsie was so excited to start,

We really weren't able to master making this shape of pretzel pretty.

This how Kelsie liked to make sure ALL the chocolate was out of the bag before she threw it away !!

We had so much fun!Some ideas worked better than others but they were a great hit when we took them to our big family Easter dinner !!

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Key Fobs !

  I saw these on Pinterest and just had to try them! I had so much fun. I gave some as Christmas gifts and also sold some to tha gals at work.

I'm finding that I enjoy actually using my sewing machine !!

Thanks for peeking.....

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Baby Thank You Cards

My friend had a new little boy and she liked the Jungle theme so this is what I made for her. crafting!!

Valentine Treats

I made these Valentine goodies for my coworkers at the office. I wanted to use the long celo bags but my super sweet husband went to the store for me to get M&M's and he could only find the Peanut ones in Valentine colors, so I just used small bags instead. They still turned out super cute!
When my daughter (who is in middle school) saw them, she wanted to make them for her friends!! We did find the regular M&M's in Valentine colors and we had so much fun making 30 of them!! 

I just love crafting!!!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Party Goody Bags

I was the host of my son's 4th grade Christmas party so I decided to make the kids note pads. I started with packs of 5 note pads for a dollar from our local Dollar Tree, then I got mini gel pens 6 in a pack from the dollar bin at WalMart, added some DCWV paper to the note pads, and a candy cane and a fun easy goody bag was made!
I made the bigger note pad for his teacher because he wanted to get her these big fat pens. I had the tin in my craft room, added some ribbon and put an apple pie candle inside.
I had alot of fun making these and my son really liked them.

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